Saturday, 25 April 2015

The PRU dilemma

So I work in a PRU, part of what those senior to me at school calls the "SAS" of teaching, and it's an awesome job! The little successes are even greater in importance and magnitude, the freedom in the classroom for teaching the way you want is vast, and the interaction with the pupils can be absolutely brilliant! As a teacher in a PRU, you have a real chance to make a very big difference to the lives of the students around you, both as a teacher in the education delivery sense, and as a mentor, and as a professional. 

This is not forgetting the staff team, a senior member of staff once told me "the rougher the kids, the closer the staff." This is so true! It would be fair to say that my social life (what little I have as a teacher), revolves around the people I work with. It would also be fair to say that I meet most of my closest friends each morning across the photocopier.

However, there is a flip side, a darker side, and maybe the reason why mainstream teachers tend to shrink away from me at training events/teach meets/other teachery things, I don't get to teach in the conventional sense very often. Yes I get to have learning conversations all the time, however most of these concern the write way to ask for attention etc, not the function of a mitochondria or another subject related topic. This means I very rarely get to see students really fly in my subject(s) and really go for it! This is heartbreaking as a teacher passionate for his subject (biology/physics) and STEM.

Future PRU teachers beware, this conflict awaits you!

Enjoy the picture of the maths below, this took a full a 50mins to get done.... Guess how much of that was maths.....

(Blimey that was a deep post! Time to do something more cheerful!)

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