Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Why this blog?

Back when I started using twitter as a teacher, I said I would never write a blog! When my sporadic attempts at being a teacher on twitter are hardly high class, how could I deliver a regular stream of high quality content?

However, after some encouragement from other teachers (@PaulGarvey4 amongst others) here is the blog! The focus is obviously science, technology, engineering, maths and computing, but will probably branch into teaching pedagogy, particular that related to emotional and behavioural difficulties.

A bit about me-
  • I trained as a secondary science (biology) teacher at Leicester University via PGCE
  • I've just started my third year teaching at a PRU (it is my first non-supply job!)
  • Raspberry Pi's are awesome, I wish I had more time to experiment and build cool stuff using them. Their education potential is amazing too!
  • Open source software as much as I can, I experimented several times with using Linux as a teacher. However as the rest of the teaching world uses propitiatory software didn't last long!
  • Running to de-stress is great, particularly in the company of a particular crazy spaniel. Been known to do a bit of mountaineering (obviously outside of the South West)
  • A Christian

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