Friday, 1 May 2015

Edubuntu and LTSP Review

So it's taken a while to get it all sorted, but the server kindly given to us is working with Edubuntu and LTSP! So now I'm in a position to give an initial review of our system.

Edubuntu is a official spin off of Ubuntu. It contains more educational packages by default, but most importantly for me, it allowed you to set up up a Linux Terminal Server Project installation at the initial setup of Edubuntu itself. This means that many users can access Edubuntu using thin clients booting over the network (in our case a host of old laptops).

How easy was it? On the whole it was very easy to get Edubuntu and LTSP installed and working. The system functioned from the first turn on. However, it has been a pain trying to configure custom menus. The pupils have limited accounts, but it would still be nice to customise the items displayed on the menus. Despite my best efforts, I haven't achieved this yet, despite using Edubuntu's own menu editor tool.

Epoptes is an excellent tool I have used before for managing computers in class. Haven't got that working yet but I'm sure it will.

In summary, would I reccomend Edubuntu and LTSP for a teacher looking to set up a low cost computing lab? Without a doubt. By recycling older hardware you can have a perfectly functional system at zero cost. For computing, the software is excellent (although it would be great to have a newer version of scratch working on it), plus you get all the benefits of the support network surrounding Ubuntu!

Thanks team Edubuntu for a great OS!

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