Friday, 22 January 2016

It's BETT time again!

I'm at BETT!

I came for the first time last year and I'm smitten, so this time me and my department head bought 10 other colleagues with us. Why? Because it is almost impossible to stay even vaguely up to date with everything the world of technology has to offer from Plymouth. However, I know that bringing this many people, some (or all of whom, including myself) will get over excited about the latest and greatest educational toy. To keep the focus on what will actually make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged youngsters (there is no other type in a PRU) we teach is tough in the face of many shiny and bleeping gadgets. 

So I've set myself a little checklist this year-
1) does it actually do what it claims to do?
2) can it be implemented, bearing in mind our wierd but excellent IT infrastructure?
3) how long will it take to train staff?
4) can it work near enough instantly in a lesson? (If in lesson tech)
5) is it value for money? Or am I paying through the nose for a rebranded eBay buy...

Bring on BETT!

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