Tuesday, 27 June 2017

It's that time of year agian...

A bit of nonsense for this week-

It's that time of year again,
When all are tired and fed up,
Everyone has the holidays on the brain,
And too rushed off their feet to have a cup.

Kids have seen year 11 leave,
Allowing year 10 to step into the breach.
Coming out with actions that are hard to believe,
And being a right pain in the butt to teach.

Staff are frazzled and tired with fire-fighting,
Whilst trying to work what the new GCSEs are all about.
Staff work quietly but every tightening,
The tension palpable and not in doubt.

So let's no take ourselves too seriously,
Mistakes will happen as we run to the end.
Let's buy surprise chocolate for each other deviously,
And not count our collective spend.

We can't forget that the kids their cues from us,
Watching and learning how to talk and interact.
How can we expect kids to be harmonious when we cuss?
Let's be careful how we react.

Not long to go until all can relax,
No essays, no marking and no meetings!
Let's get there as a team with few cracks,
And share our stories of adventure at the new term's greetings.